Important Basic Information before Vacuum sealing Food at Home

Important Basic Information before Vacuum sealing Food at Home

Vacuum sealing is a lifesaver approach when it comes to extending the shelf life of various food items at home. Its functioning principle includes the removal of air from the plastic bag before storing it thereby keeping them in fresh condition for a more extended period. To achieve this, you have to acquire a vacuum sealer machine at any of the various home appliances outlets. Knowledge of the process of food storage is a fundamental requirement before or when you purchase vacuum packaging machines.

For the newbies, there are a few basic things that you need to know about these machines. First, it is important to note that not all vacuum packaging machines can be used for the family kitchen. These machines vary a lot even in application. Here are some of the necessary things you need to know about vacuum packing machine.

The different types of vacuum sealers

The size of your kitchen will probably guide you on the kind of vacuum sealer machine to acquire. A space-limited kitchen will likely be compatible with a hand-held vacuum sealer which is small in size and highly portable. For those with large-spaced kitchens, they might opt for the larger counter-top systems, for instance, Food saver vacuum sealer.

Choice of sealer bags and containers

The quality of the bags and containers on the market are not all the same. It is, therefore, necessary to take precaution and avoid using low-quality bags or incompatible one with your machine. Using bags not recommended for your vacuum sealer machine may cause damage due to spillage or improper sealing which can consequently create air pockets hence spoilage of the stored items. Another consideration that needs to be made is the choice of accessories to use with your machine. Although the sealer bags present a lot of convenience during packing, it is difficult to reuse them and will, therefore, require regular replacement hence a high cost of bulk-buying. Compatible jars and containers can be perfect alternatives that offer the chance for reuse and thereby cost-effective.


Carefully following the storage guidelines

Although vacuum sealing might appear like a shortcut to easy storage of food, there is the need to consider the common guidelines of food storage and adherence to food safety standards. Additionally, storage of other non-food items should be carried out carefully as most of them might be rough enough to cause damage to the sealer bags and other components of the machine. Moreover, one should have the complete knowledge of the type of the machine they purchase to avoid filling it with products which it has no capability to store.

Maintaining cleanliness

The efficiency of vacuum packing is determined by how clean you keep your vacuum sealer and other accessories used with it such as the sealer bags. The bags, for example, need to be clean and free of moisture before any item is filled in them as the moisture may result in a bad seal. The appliance needs to be cleaned to remove any particle that may jam it or cause contamination. Great caution is also of the essence when cleaning the machine as it requires to be turned off to avoid electrocution. Chemicals should be avoided while cleaning: only soap and water are required then a wipe with dry towels.

Vacuum sealing leftovers before refrigerating

Vacuum sealer machine present the advantage of allowing the storage of leftovers rather than throwing them away which can later be frozen or refrigerated. This way, wastage at home or during outdoor activities is minimized. In a nutshell, you are able to save a lot of money comparatively on buying food.

There are beneficial uses of vacuum sealer other than food storage

Many people only relate vacuum sealer with food storage. There are several other applications of the machine such as storage of important documents, valuable items such as jewelry and precious metals, clothes among other industrial uses such as drugs storage in major laboratories.

The above tips are very important to anyone who wishes to acquire a vacuum sealer as they help in the choice and also wise usage to ensure its long life and efficiency.

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